Terms and conditions

Read carefully!

  1. Minimum age: A student must be 18 years of age in order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  2. The iscapi not responsible for any delay in the procedure for obtaining the Italian Visa and / or cancellation or delay of flights .
  3. IsCaPI not responsible for students who arrive after check -in indicated in the course calendar (to usufruct pick up service) .
  4. Minimum number of participants : to ensure the activities of the course , you must achieve the minimum number of ten participating students.
  5. Duration of the course: the school has courses lasting 15 days , one month and two months ( to be selected in the registration form) .
  6. Holidays: on holidays or weekends, as indicated in the Italian calendar, there will be no classes.
  7. Attendance: attendance at courses of Italian language and Italian culture courses are compulsory . If the student can not attend a lesson or cultural activity , it shall notify the person responsible for the course .
  8. The iscapi reserves the right of admission of students to the school property if the student’s behavior is disruptive to the school or other students. In such cases, the iscapi has no obligation to make any refund or cover the costs incurred by this behavior.
  9. Variations: dates, times , course content can be modified if necessary. The official calendar at the beginning of the course student will .
  10. Insurance – Students are insured only within the school premises. Students are advised to purchase personal health insurance before leaving their home country .
  11. IsCaPI not responsible for any loss, theft, damage to property of the student inside and / or outside the school premises, as well as injury or death.
  12. Meals: At the school where food service is provided , this provided a fixed menu , which includes : the desyuno : coffee or cappuccino and brioche ; lunch and dinner: starter, main course, side dish and fruit. Drinks other than water , are not included. The menu is prepared according to the principles of balance and health of the Mediterranean diet. Students are required to communicate allergies, intolerances or dietary habits in the application form . Failure to comply with this requirement does not give the student the right to request a special meal .
  13. Cleaning Service housekeeping Property , is administered by the staff appointed by the iscapi and takes place once a week . All rooms / apartments are equipped with a mop , a broom, shovel , and a trash can .
  14.  Hosting Kit : Each student receives at check -in kit housing containing the following items: 1 bed sheet, 1 fitted sheet, pillow cover , face towel and bath towel . At the end of the course, the student must submit the bedding kit .
  15.  Accommodation : All rooms / apartments have a single key , in case of lost students are RESPA replenishment thereof.
  16.  Consumption: gas services and electricity , are included in the course fee , but should be used sparingly .
  17. Smoking and / or drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited within the premises of the school.
  18. Any equipment borrowed from the school must be returned in the same condition in which they were rendered. In the case of damage , they MUST be covered by the student .
  19. At check -in , students undertake a deposit of € 20.00 ( € twenty, 00) , which will be rembolzado the end of the course. Damage caused by students will be assessed and deducted from the deposit .

At the end of the course students undertake a review of linguistic proficiency assessment and are awarded each a certificate of participation to the course.

  • In March , June and November you can take the CELI – Certification of Italian Language Examination of the University for Foreigners of Perugia.
  • In June , it is possible to take the CIC – Business Italian Language Certificate examination of the University for Foreigners of Perugia.