In the Village of Santa Severina

The accommodation in the town of Santa Severina foresees:

    • Quadruple rooms at the dormitory of the School  L.A.L.E.O.  of  Santa Sverina (KR) – Italia – ;
    • Room with shared bathroom and room mates;
    • Sheets, pillows, and towel included;
    • Men and women staying separately.
    • Meals: Food service  is intended exclusively for students registered who require this additional service for the course that develops in Santa Severina.

It is important to note that the style of feeding that will be offered, with a fixed menu, is prepared according to the principles of balance and harmony of the Mediterranean diet, in a mixture of aromas and flavors that awaken the senses and reflect the daily life of the regional feed.

FOOD service, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner is scheduled from Monday to Friday. Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) feeding is left to the student.