Green Route

Travelling and discovering the territory

The Green Route includes a series of activities with naturalistic and cultural trails that offer various excursions to the National Parks located in the territory of Calabria (Sila National Park and Polino Park) with the guidance of guards and environmental experts.

Journeys to discover a land of beauty and flavors to explore admiring beautiful Calabrian scenery kissed by the sun, between the golden beaches of the Cedar Riviera, the island of Dino and the island of Cirella, the Mediterranean scrub, scented and lush, and the maritime pines that hide small churches, archaeological remains and watchtowers that alternate with hidden coves,
bathe in crystal clear and inviting water with deep waters rich in underwater treasures.

The itineraries – which highlight geological, morphological, landscape and floristic peculiarities of the territory – are also suitable for younger children and young people who are ready to know something new about the environment around them.

The Green Routes are suitable for those who want to admire uncontaminated places and stay in contact with nature to rediscover the territory of Calabria between emotions, scents, colors, sounds and breathtaking views through unique routes and itineraries.

Between sea and mountain, touching places and views so different from each other that they seem incredible, they are so close to each other.

Travel through itineraries to discover landscapes unique in the world, where the sky kisses the sea with fabulous scenery, wide views and indescribable panoramas.