Lessons of Italian Culture

The lessons outside the classroom

Learning beyond the textbook.

Through the methodology of “full immersion ” students will learn about the culture of Italy and various cultural events activdades and typical of the region and Italy.

After language classes that develop during the morning , students have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities and tours that are part of the lessons of Italian culture and the beautiful Italy, which is renowned for its art, culture and numerous sights, as well as for its food , its wine, your lifestyle , your painting , design, film, theater , literature and music , especially opera.


The lessons of Italian Culture

The different routes within the framework of the Italian culture lessons are:

Enogastronomia Mediterranea – Percorso Rosso

Experiences of traditional Italian cuisine and Mediterranean diet , from theory to practice. Learning culinary vocabulary, ingredients and their elaboration , the basic principles of the Mediterranean diet , production of pastas , stews , breads and pizza. This activity culminates in an evening where various kinds of culinary preparations learned during shared activities . The event is called ” La Cena dei saperi e dei Sapori “

Arts and Crafts in the Village – Percorso Giallo

Practical character experiences where basic techniques of preparation of typical Italian craftsmanship , by local craftsmen learned. After the activity , students will be able to keep the craft developed and worked during the meeting .

Visual Arts and History – Blu Percorso

Tours to historical cultural centers and / or events related to the visual arts in general , where students will learn about historical events , art history , local history , customs and traditions .

 Sustainable Travel – Percorso Verde

Activities with several itineraries to delve into a traditional unique ecosystem and environment , ecological tours, naturalistic and ecoadventure to National Parks that are located in the territory of Calabria ( Parco Nazionale della Sila and the Parco del Polino ) with guidance Guardian parks and experts on environmental issues and sustainability. Experience seeks awareness and awareness of participants , promoting responsible behavior and good environmental practices to contribute to the sustainability of natural resources around us .

Special Events in the Village – Percorso Rose

Typical cultural experiences where students will attend local events and traditional festivals celebrated in the territory during the duration of the course.