The ‘nduja

   Its name derives from the French word Andouille, which means “giblets”, because in the past it used to be made with chilli and pork giblets; it was introduced by the Spaniards in the 16th century together with the chilli, but it might have been brought to Calabria by the French during the Napoleonic era.

The NDUJA of Spilinga is a typical Calabrian salami, hot and spreadable like Nutella (a chocolaty hazelnut spread), it is reddish in colour and it has a soft consistency and it never hardens, even after maturing and it maintains its piquant flavours; it is a creamy cold meat, easily spreadable, very hot, traditionally from Mount Poro; it is a typical product which belongs to the Calabrian gastronomical tradition, a soft cold meat, spreadable, very hot, it is a mixture of pork, Calabrian hot chilli, hot chilli preserve and pork fat.

Gastronomical Use: Excellent with bruschette (toasted bread), with pasta, fried or simply as a snack.

Therapeutic properties: aphrodisiac and it helps your heart; according to an old saying, it should have ”aphrodisiac powers” and that it should be used in replacement of famous pharmaceutical products, it act as a vasodilator with great benefits on the coronary arteries; thanks to historical and scientific researches, nowadays it is considered to be an excellent remedy against bronchitis, emphysema and rheumatism.