The Villages of Wisdom

The historical centres are the guardians of a memory that has now completely disappeared, custodians of arts and knowledge handed down orally, and therefore not codified, from generation to generation over the centuries. The same elements that characterize the historical centres, such as stone, wood and terracotta, speak of a relationship linked to the search for material – most often the local one – and its processing by skilled masters, which today no longer occurs. It is from this awareness that ISCaPI – in the implementation of the Pitagora Mundus Programme – creates the Schools of Wisdom in the most characteristic villages of Calabria, trying to re-evaluate and protect – therefore – the cultural wealth that is typical of a historical center, through interventions that also move in respect of history and local traditions.

Classes Italian Language and Culture Courses Foreign Language

Training in the Professional Schools and High Schools

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Interchanges culture: art, culture, music, cinema, theater, dance, sport, entertainment