CELI Certifications


 Examinations CELI and CIC certifications are an asset for all those studying the Italian language objective. At each level are evaluated all language skills through exercises that measure the ability of candidates to use the Italian language in various contexts of communicative interaction.

Certified knowledge of Italian ( CELI ) are certified for adult general Italian school.
Credited skills and ability to use the Italian language may be issued both in the workplace and study . The Ministry of Instruction , University and Research recognizes the CIC 3 as a valid certificate to justify the knowledge necessary to enroll in university in Italy Italian language. The CELI are articulated in 6 levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​.

Three sessions are scheduled for review during the year, in , June and November the month of March. In addition to the CELI certificates for the general Italian have been added over the years other certificates as i CELI ( Certificate for immigrants in Italy) CELI adolescents ( CELI a) aged between 13 and 17 years and CELI 5 DOC to verify knowledge of the Italian language aimed at graduates i foreign graduates .

Certificazione Italiano Generale