Province of Cosenza

The province of Cosenza is one of the most populous in Italy and is the eighth in Italy by extension. With its 228 kilometers of coastline, the province of Cosenza occupies 44.1% of the surface of Calabria, practically the entire north-central portion of the region.

Calabria’s singular landscape is characterized by mountains and hills. It runs from the Ionian Coast in the east to the Tyrrhenian shores in the west, from the massif of Pollino in the north to the plateau of Sila grande.

There are also plains, like the one of Sibari, and big valleys, as for example in Crati.

Hilly areas slope down to the North and to the East of the Sila Greca. Everything is characterized by great variety, even from coast to coast and on every massif.

The visitor remains disoriented and fascinated at the same time.

The Province hosts eight mountain communities: Greca/Destra Crati, Alto Ionio, Pollino, Alto Tirreno/Appennino Paolano, Savuto, Delle Valli/Media Valle Crati, Silana and Media Valle Crati/Serre Cosentine.

The territory of Cosenza, as with the rest of Calabria, exhibits traces of history, beginning with the prehistoric period.

On the coast are Neolithic sites attesting to human presence.

The water flows have been important travel routes since the Magna Graecia and Roman periods.

In the Middle Ages, this land was conquered by the Byzantines, who brought benefits to the economy of the territory with the introduction of new agricultural techniques, sericultural production, and the promotion of social aggregation.

The results are still evident in the elegant and refined architecture, as well as those of the Normans, the Angevins, the Aragonese and the Spaniards, who all left their mark in the following centuries.