Calabria is a crossroads of traffic between east and west, and has always been the guardian of the treasures that all these influences have left as a legacy over the centuries.

Treasures that are revealed strolling through the beautiful historic centres of towns and cities, where it is possible to breathe the air of the great past in the ancient palaces and religious buildings, castles and manor houses that still resist the destructive power of time.

And it’s easy to get carried away in the whirlwind of a thousand stories that cross Calabria as a dense web, all connected and all different, the tales of people and traditions with ancient roots, that have arrived to present day with infinite charm. The name and glory of this rich and generous land was renown worldwide thanks to great personalities of culture that were born in Calabria.

Visiting the museums scattered across the territory means getting carried away through a space-time gate whose doors are always opened to the past, full of mysteries and priceless treasures of art and culture. And then the great cultural value transmitted by the craft traditions, still alive and intact in the workshops of potters, ceramists and master violin makers, who continue to forge masterpieces with great skills and taste.

This is Calabria.