Yellow Route

Handicraft in the village

The secrets of craftsmanship

Italy is famous for its beautiful craft traditions, and has been the source of countless unique works of art for many centuries.

Today this tradition remains an invaluable attraction, indispensable for the production of luxury goods, made to the satisfaction of the most demanding connoisseurs.

Also general carpentry: a typical example is the production of tubes.

In some countries, highly skilled violin makers work in the production of traditional musical instruments, including whistles, violins, guitars, etc.

In Calabria, handicraft craftsmanship has a large ceramic production of different shapes and materials.

Each area has such a characteristic production, ranging from apotropaic masks of archaic origin Seminara for the bottles of Rossano fish, to vases with scenes of the mythology of the Greek-Roman city of Gerace, to brilliant glazes ringing.

One of the characteristic elements of Calabrian handicraft is undoubtedly the spinning wheel: used in the past by women for spinning, the wooden spindles, which at that time were also offered as gifts of engagement and therefore have an important symbolic value.

Through the Yellow Route , students will be able to know in depth the techniques and procedures of elaboration of the handicraft of the territory, to share the precious creative forces of our precious craftsmen, who will pass on the know-how of the handicraft elements with techniques inherited from generation to generation, handmade.

Experiences are mostly of a practical nature, where basic techniques for the elaboration of typical Italian handicrafts are taught by local craftsmen.

At the end of the activity, students will be able to keep the trades elaborated and worked during the meeting.